Hi, welcome to my website. Here you can find out all about me and the great life I have. My mom, is not a trainer, a vet, a dog psychologist, healer, dog professional or any other dog expert type person. She is just a great mom/pet parent. She does the best she can as a pet parent. Me and my mom!Always learning to be a better pet parent. And loving me and training me the best way she knows how.

When she knows more she’ll do it better and differently. She has provided the information in the proceeding pages to be shared with, ONLY out of love for other dogs and their owners and for enjoyment purposes only.

If anything from this site sounds like it’s a good idea for you to incorporate into your daily dog routine please go over any and all changes with your vet as my mom is just a plain ol’ average pet parent.

What works for one dog may not always work for another.



FFLowerHomelowers Bio:
Name:  Sweet Jean Flower Blossom (Flower)
Born:   September 29, 2013
Weight:  114
Height:  24 1/2
Width:   20
AKC:   Bullmastiff, Fawn, Black Mask
Hobbies:  Sleeping, Snuggling, Being a Good Lap Dog, Playing with my Toys, Visiting Family/Friends, Walks,  Swimming, Agility and Tracking. Also Eating String Cheese but mom says that’s not a hobby.


Hi, I’d just like to share a few of the wonderful comments I’ve received about “Flower The Bullmastiff” and her detailed website, especially after such a short time frame of being live. Some comments are funny, others are appreciative of the photos or videos, and others may be serious ones that I cannot answer as again I am not a vet, just a happy pet parent with an amazing dog. I will try to help and answer your questions the best I can.

THANK YOU ALL so very,very much! If you’d like to leave a comment please use the Contact Us page.

Comments relating to Flower The Bullmastiff as a dog and also her website; FlowerTheBullmastiff.com

  1. Seeing how you reveal the positive and much needed discipline traits, of such a large breed is needed, thank you for sharing. – TJ, South Carolina
  2. You have provided a wealth of information, and we love the videos. – Jenna, New York
  3. Ive always heard that these dogs are hard to train yet obviously I can see that its the owner that may be hard to train, because if you put the time in like you do you get the well behaved dog that Flower has become. – BL, Florida
  4. We love how you taught her to swim, thank you for the step by step instructions. – Sandy, Connecticut
  5. Please give Flower a hug and kiss from us, our dog Max would like to know if she’s single? :)  D and B, Colorado