About Flower

Hi, my name is Flower, the Bullmastiff. My fancy name is Sweet Jean Flower Blossom, Jean was my great grandmas middle name, who was known to just be Nana. Plain ol’ Nana. I’ve heard stories of her being the most amazing grandmother their ever was so I’m quite honored to be named after her. #1 Nana Here’s a photo of the one and only Nana hanging out in Las Vegas. I’ll include an even better photo of her at the end of my story.

This is a story of me, where and how I came to be. The story goes like this…





Here are the videos of Flower being picked up at the United Cargo Facilities, these videos would not have been possible without the generosity of a great friend who filmed the entire event for me, a once in a lifetime moment that was captured and then edited to be shared with you. Thank you again Chris!




Cool Cat Nana!

Cool Cat Nana!

Nana accidentally put my sunglasses on and when I tried to get them back she said they were hers’… and I need to go get my own! She knows her prescription…

Well the funny part is Nana hasn’t had new glasses for over 8 years and couldn’t see anyways. :)    So I did what any granddaughter would do… AGREED they were hers. 

Rock on Nana!!!



For those of you who have your Nana’s still around or have great memories of them or even the Papa’s of the world I truly hope this brings those tears of joy and side pains of laughter from hysterical moments we were lucky enough to witness and be a part of. Truth is, we wouldn’t be who we are without these great and wonderful men and women in our lives. RIP Nana, wish you were physically here to see Flower. I love you and miss you!