Care and Grooming

I’m spoiled with love and tummy rubs.  Besides that I also get bathed every 4 weeks, either at home in a great big plastic pool that mom and I get in and have bath time together or I go to PetSmart and myfreindNatalievisit with my favorite friend Natalie. I make sure to give her extra hugs and kisses when she’s bathing me and my favorite time to do it is when I’m in the tub, soaking wet. Here’s a picture of me and Natalie.

She must like that an awful lot because she gets all excited and shakes around to get the water off too.

Getting my nails trimmed every 2 weeks is not my favorite, but I do get good treats afterwards. Natalie and mom both have a Dremel, Pet Groomer nail grinder so it goes pretty quick.

prettyBow03Whether I get groomed at home or elsewhere I always get a real pretty bow or flower on my collar. Mom likes to take me out afterwards so I can prance up and down the street or sometimes we even go to our outdoor mall that allows dogs.

I must always have real pretty bows and flowers because people are always coming up and asking my mom if they can take a picture of me, then they give mom their camera and she takes lots of photos of them with me, I think they like my bows and flowers.


When the weather allows and I can wash Flower myself I take her outside into the backyard and we take a bath together. This is great according to Flower she loves bath time with mom in her big pink bath tub, aka kid’s swimming pool. DropboxFlower327The water is warm, it’s piped in from the washer and dryer using a “Y” connection to a hose, therefore it’s a comfortable experience for Flower. I use currently use Paul Mitchel dog Shampoo/Conditioner for her and I pay special attention to get all of the soap off of her, I spend a considerable amount of time in this area as it’s that important to make sure the residue is all off of the dog. I do not place cotton in her ears I should but every time I’ve tried she has shaken her head, out goes the cotton and then she tried to eat them. Therefore I just bypass the cotton and keep the water away from her ears. At the end of her bath she does get the dry ear powder in then to absorb any moisture that may cause an unsightly ear infection which are prone to floppy eared dogs anyways.

When it comes time to was her face that is easy and fun for flower too, since she was a puppy I’ve always kept her face clean, wiping her eyes getting the boogers out of them. Also using a wash cloth once or twice a week to wipe her face down and the inside of her ears. Flower like this part so again it’s easy to clean her face, it’s a game to her, I wipe and she tries/pretends to eat the wash cloth. Fun times!

I also trim her nails myself with the Dremel, making sure not to go too close to the quick. My groomer and I alternate every other time. I do it fairly well, but she gets them perfect!

Flower also gets her ears cleaned every 2 weeks, shes not a fan of that…. after the ears get cleaned she gets bat-shit crazy for a few minutes and runs around like a lunatic.

Funny story, Flower loves bath time for her outside and she doesn’t understand why she can’t take a bath with mom. She thinks oh, moms in the bath that means I can join her. Look at the funny little flower in these photos and get a good laugh. At the end after the bubbles have been wiped away she goes and lays on the floor with a look of like, “fine, whatever mom, be that way”.


Flower also goes through a weekly check up on her paws and pads that is done quickly and Flower is unconcerned of what’s going on, this is normal weekly activities for her that I started as a puppy.  I believe that the pads of their feet needs to be checked weekly, items such as rose thorns, sticks, sometimes glass can easily get lodged into their pads and by the time they are limping due to infection from neglect of pads of your dog’s feet it will require a trip to the vet and money you probably don’t have.

In addition to the pads I run my finger around and trace the entire inside of the pad and digit pads. I visually check for redness, cluster or debris or any other problem that may be an issue. Clean it if needed, watch it and then go to the vet if needed.

What dog doesn’t like to get brushed hah? Well Flowers’ no different. IMG_0515 FinishedI brush her probably 2x a week. its our grooming session time. She gets all cleaning up and I call it her “pretty time” or “grooming”. Flower loves it!

I also purchased a Furminator XL for her. Even though she really does not shed as the typical word is defined as she does have a lot of lose undercoat that is becoming quite heavy as spring is here.