Flower FAQ

Q:   Does Flower eat people food or does she eat off your plate?
A:   Never. Flower never ever gets feed from my plate or the table. She really doesn’t even know what people food is. I can leave my plate of food on the table or in front of Flower and she will not touch it. She has been trained at a very young age the words “that’s not yours”, or “Flower, that’s not yours” or “ah, ah, that’s not yours”.


Q:   Does Flower eat a lot?
A:   No. She actually eats a little less than the recommended amount for her breed, size and weight. Which is fine with me, I’d prefer to keep her on the trimmer side, better for her health and longevity of life.


Q:   Is she friendly to other dogs?
A:   Yes. Male, female, large or small no problem. She is not a fan of yappy type dogs, the audio pitch gets her anxious, also loud barking and ruff, aggressive dogs Flower wants no part of.


Q:   Do you dress her up?
A:   Not really. When the furnace went out for a month I did have to purchase a sweater for her and that was not easy trying to find a cute/pretty sweater for a 100 lb Bullmastiff, well that was an experience. From time to time I will put one of my hats on her and have fun, or for Hockey Day I dressed her in my hockey shirt and took a photo. So no dress up on a daily basis.


Q:   Does Flower sleep in bed with you?
A:   Yes. But not every night. Probably 2-3 nights a week.


Q: How did Flower get used to the life jacket? Was it hard?
A:  Well, it was actually easy actually. Since mom was excited about this new “Life Jacket” thing, Flower knew it must be something good and exciting. Flower trusts me to never do anything to harm or scare her. Also, her good attitude made the entire experience so enjoyable and I’m able to share this great story about how Flower Learned to Swim.


Q:   Does Flower swim under the water?
A:   No, she has never had her head under the water. We’ve never jumped into the pool together, nor do I force her to go under water for anything.


Q:   Does she play with toys in the pool?
A:   Not really. I bring them in sometimes and Flower just ignores them, whether it’s a ball or float-able stuffed animal.


Do you have a question about her playtime, eating, or any other Flower related request? Please send me an email and I’ll respond back to you directly with the answer and also post it to this FAQ page for future readers. Thanks!


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