Flower Cookie Recipe – Dog Food

This first recipe is for dogs that have food issues from time to time and you either do not want to return the food to the pet store or it’s just not feasible. Here’s a solution that you may find invaluable and your dog will think they are getting a special treat.

If you have a picky dog when it comes to food and you do not want to throw the food away, aka throwing money away. This is a great option that works for Flower.

  • Cookies: Use a food processor and grind up the food, add chicken stock if necessary to make a little moist or you can use baby food (without onions, other foods that are bad for dogs, etc.).
  • Flatten out the food mixture on parchment paper, then use your favorite cookie mold and cut out your cookies. Freeze for 1 hour.
  • Frosting: Flower likes Peanut Butter. Get a few table spoons of your favorite dog friendly topping, Yogurt, Cream Cheese, Peanut Butter, etc. and melt over stove, on low, if need to liquidity. Ok to add a little Coconut Oil if needed.
  • Then dip the frozen cookies into frosting mixture, place into freezer for 15 mins.

Give dog healthy treat/cookie and they will never know the difference.  Enjoy!

Will keep for up to 2 weeks in air tight frozen container. 

These are the actual Flower Cookies I made!

FlowerBullmastiffCookie           flowerCookiesTray